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              Board Committees

              Arconic Inc. Board of Directors
              James F. Albaugh     Chair  
              Amy E. Alving   Chair  
              Christopher L. Ayers      
              Elmer L. Doty          
              Rajiv L. Gupta *       Chair
              Sean O. Mahoney     Chair  
              David J. Miller        
              E. Stanley O'Neal      
              John C. Plant **          
              Ulrich R. Schmidt Chair      

              Cybersecurity Advisory Subcommittee of the Audit Committee
              Compensation and Benefits
              Governance and Nominating

              * Lead Director
              ** Chairman

              Audit Committee

              • Oversees the integrity of the financial statements and internal controls, including review of the scope and the results of the audits of the internal and independent auditors
              • Appoints the independent auditors and evaluates their independence and performance
              • Reviews the organization, performance and adequacy of the internal audit function
              • Pre-approves all audit, audit-related, tax and other services to be provided by the independent auditors
              • Oversees the Company’s compliance with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements
              • Discusses with management and the auditors the policies with respect to risk assessment and risk management, including major financial risk exposures
              • Monitors the Company's risks relating to cybersecurity (see also Cybersecurity Advisory Subcommittee Charter)

              Christopher L. Ayers
              Sean O. Mahoney
              E. Stanley O'Neal
              Ulrich R. Schmidt - Chair
              Compensation and Benefits Committee

              • Establishes the Chief Executive Officer’s compensation based upon an evaluation of performance in light of approved goals and objectives
              • Reviews and approves the compensation of the Company’s officers
              • Oversees the implementation and administration of the Company’s compensation and benefits plans, including pension, savings, incentive compensation and equity-based plans
              • Reviews and approves general compensation and benefit policies
              • Approves the Compensation Discussion and Analysis for inclusion in the proxy statement
              • Has the sole authority to retain and terminate a compensation consultant, as well as to approve the consultant’s fees and other terms of engagement
              • Has the authority to obtain advice and assistance from legal, accounting or other advisors

              The Compensation and Benefits Committee may form and delegate its authority to subcommittees when appropriate including subcommittees of management). Executive officers do not determine the amount or form of executive or director compensation although the Chief Executive Officer provides recommendations to the Compensation and Benefits Committee regarding compensation changes and incentive compensation for executive officers other than himself.

              James F. Albaugh - Chair
              Amy E. Alving
              Rajiv L. Gupta
              Finance Committee

              Reviews and provides advice and counsel to the Board regarding the Company’s capital structure, financing transactions, capital plan, acquisitions and divestitures, share repurchase and dividend programs, policies relating to interest rate, commodity and currency hedging, and employee retirement plans.

              Christopher L. Ayers
              Sean O. Mahoney - Chair
              David J. Miller
              E. Stanley O'Neal
              Ulrich R. Schmidt
              Governance and Nominating Committee

              • Identifies individuals qualified to become Board members and recommends them to the full Board for consideration, including evaluating all potential candidates, whether initially recommended by management, other Board members or shareholders
              • Makes recommendations to the Board regarding Board committee assignments
              • Develops and annually reviews corporate governance guidelines for the Company, and oversees other corporate governance matters
              • Reviews related person transactions
              • Coordinates an annual performance review of the Board, Board committees and individual director nominees
              • Periodically reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding director compensation

              James F. Albaugh
              Amy E. Alving
              Rajiv L. Gupta - Chair